About us

Our mantra is simple, to provide the best service to all who use us.

We fulfill this by ensuring we provide the very top levels of quality throughout the business to all of our clients in everything we do.

The professions that we specialize in include Sales Executives, Sales Managers, Service Administrators, Field Service Engineers, I.T. Managers, Technical Managers, and Sales Directors.

 Vantage Resourcing has a wealth of knowledge supplying contractors in the I.T. sphere and have a number of diverse positions within Project Managers, Business Analysts, Developers, Solutions Architects, and Designers.

Vantage Resourcing are a growing enterprise based in the Heart of the UK.  Our consultants travel to meet clients and candidates across the UK so we know about the people who we are spending our time helping.

Using a wealth of experience the team has gained from industry and different recruitment disciplines, we are confident we can offer an unparalleled experience within our sector.

Depending on your needs Vantage Resourcing can provide permanent or contract staff for your business.

We are able to provide a varied portfolio of reference points and case studies where we have grown businesses using our skills, reputation, and contacts to maximum effect.

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Working with the best

Working for Vantage Resourcing is an experience not to be underestimated.  There is a genuine opportunity to become more than you can be elsewhere.  From initial training over a structured 13-week induction to ongoing development and evaluation, we want to help you become the ultimate in professionalism.

We invest in our people as we do in our technology.  All our systems utilize the latest software and hardware so no more downtime waiting for an XP computer to whirr into action and no need to set aside 30 minutes a day to deal with IT problems, it’s been dealt with for you.

Packages are designed to attract and retain the best, but we do expect you to work hard and smart to achieve your potential. Trips, bonuses, incentives, and shares are all open for discussion, commitment, and success

If you are more interested in how you can get ahead than what time lunch starts, then get in touch with the MD here and he’ll give you a call straight back.glasgow