Looking to recruit?

Identifying, attracting and on boarding the top talent has never been easy and it continues to get tougher. You know this as well as we do, there’s no silver bullet, no magic talent pool and for most it’s one of the biggest challenges to hitting your recruitment objectives. 

Understanding your business

We take the time needed to understand your business, allowing us to effectively promote the opportunity to the right candidate. We build an understanding of your employer brand and can help shape it, alongside our ability to delve deep into the market – it’s a strong proposition that provides results you’ll like.

The Vantage Recruitment Approach

Active Sourcing

We proactively go out and find the best people for your role.  Instead of simply relying on the traditional methods such as job boards.  We do this because we understand that the best candidates are likely already performing effectively in the role.  


We use behavioural assessment methods to give us a deeper understanding of the way your candidate’s mind works. This helps you to make the right hiring decisions, as well as give you guidance on how best to manage the individual once they’re part of your team. 

Technical Testing

Evaluating a candidate on their experience listed on their CV is a good start, but how can you ensure that they will be able to succeed in the job? Technical testing provides definitive evidence of their proficiency within key areas, specific to your role. 

Video Conferencing 

Utilising video tools within our screening stage saves you time whilst producing a more in-depth more stream-lined result. If part of a retained campaign, we offer you the ability to watch the recordings of the interviews and can provide summary videos upon request. Making selections of candidates more dynamic than simply sifting through faceless CVs.

Not sure on who you’ll be dealing with at Vantage? 

We get it, you want to know more…

We are an experienced recruitment team with a wealth of knowledge in our sectors. We can ensure you the best levels of service, where you can exploit our knowledge to get you the top talent available. We fulfil our projects by ensuring we provide the very top levels of quality throughout the business to all our clients in everything we do, from proactive and tailored sourcing, behaviour assessments, technical testing and efficient video conferencing – all to make the selection process more accurate and efficient for you.

Need more convincing? We can provide references, so you can talk to others who have used us and continue to use us.  Just ask, we are confident you’ll be happy to partner with us.

Partnering with you

Please send us an email to and one of our recruitment specialists will contact you, or call our friendly team on 0333 567 4888 to allow us explain further how Vantage Resourcing can source the very best talent for roles to match your recruitment needs.